The finest spring material and the tightest manufacturing tolerances in the industry

Lightweight Hi-Ten spring steel is used exclusively, reducing unsprung mass and increasing suspension responsiveness. The industry's most advanced CNC coilers and equipment guarantee ultra-precise manufacturing tolerances for consistent performance you can depend on.

Every coil spring is meticulously designed and tested to ensure maximum performance

World-renowned Eibach® Springmeisters design each coil spring to perform reliably in the most demanding conditions. Suspension engineers and performance driving professionals perform extensive testing in virtual and real world conditions to make sure each spring exceeds the intended performance requirements.

Outstanding fatigue resistance and durability

To prevent spring sagging and premature wear, Eibach® coil springs undergo rigorous exercises to relieve surface tension and extend longevity. This stabilizes the spring material and maintains load capacity and ride height, even when exposed to the harsh conditions of professional off-road racing.

Huge range of spring specifications to match any vehicle

We offer high performance Eibach® coil springs to suit any type of vehicle. From your bone stock or mildly modified daily driver, to your unlimited-class race vehicle, our suspension experts can determine the best springs for your application.

Custom designed springs built for special applications

For unusual applications that require special attention, we can even provide a set of coil springs that have been custom designed to your exact specifications. Our specialists welcome unique design challenges and are fully prepared to help you develop a custom suspension solution for your most outrageous project.