1. Who is Radflo?
  2. Where is Radflo located?
  3. Where do I service my Radflo products?
  4. What sets Radflo apart from the competition?
  5. What is the return/exchange policy?
  6. What are payment options?
  7. Technical and fitment custom inquiries?
  8. Shipping and Handling Fees
  9. Is there a fee to service my Radflo products?
  10. Instructions for installation?
  11. How does shipping work?
  12. How do I place an order?
  13. How do I pay with a credit card? How do I wire transfer funds? I would like to change my credit card information what do I do?
  14. Defective or Missing Items

Q: Who is Radflo?

RADFLO Suspension Technology is manufacturer of high performance custom OE and universal length shock absorbers. Their corporate office and manufacturing plant is located in Southern California and services clients locally and internationally. Radflo specializes in OE replacement applications, shock absorbers and dampers for military vehicles, pickup trucks, SUV, and motorsport industries.

Q: Where is Radflo located?

Radflo’s manufacturing plant and corporate office is located in Fountain Valley CA in Southern California.

Q: Where do I service my Radflo products?

Radflo values customer service and follow through. Should there be any general services requests and or maintenece items please contact us directly at info@radflo.com. Whether you need a tune up on your shocks or design and manufacture a built to order suspension order our service department is here to best serve you. We can repair and completely rebuild your shock absorbers to your specifications or ours.

Q: What sets Radflo apart from the competition?

Radflo’s company values each customer and enthusiast, our mission stays true to form in ensuring quality products are provided to their clientele at the most competitive price point without compromising 5 star client services. Our products are made and assembled in the USA, and provide the best of the best product components that outlast the competition and are built to order, unlike many other companies. Each product application is specified to meet your vehicle needs and can be custom adjusted based on request prior to order. You will be sure to always stay in close contact with a Radflo team member, and you can even find our CEO Glenn Classen on the front line working direct with clients to best serve our consumers personal requests.

Q: What is the return/exchange policy?

Radflo does not process any returns. Please contact us directly at info@radflo.com regarding all issues with orders. Please include your full name order invoice number and contact information. Some items may require to be shipped in order for a full inspection to be completed for proper assessment of issue. Shipping may not be covered. Warranty issue that returned to Radflo on customer cost, If purchased from a dealer/3rd party please contact them initially and forward all correspondacne to us.

Q: What are payment options?

Radflo accepts credit card, those applicable include VISA Mastercard, and Discover. For in person orders requiring collect on delivery( COD) payment in cash can be accepted. Otherwise wire transfer is an alternative option. All International orders (excluding Canada) require payment by wire transfer. Please contact Radflo Suspension Technology to place and confirm your order. You will then be instructed where to send your wire transfer payment and a shipping quote.

Q: Technical and fitment custom inquiries?

All Radlfo orders are built to order, unless otherwise matched or specified to meet OE requirements and or standard fit. Special accommodations can be made prior to order, all items subject to custom order but requires this notification up front clearly communicated in writing prior to invoicing.

Q: Shipping and Handling Fees

Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable. By placing your order, you understand and agree to the following: Use of products sold by Radflo Suspension Technology, Inc. is at the consumer’s own risk. Proper installation and proper use of all products must be followed for optimal safety and performance. Radflo Suspension Technology, Inc. does not accept responsibility for improper use, alterations, and installation of any products manufactured and purchased from us.

Q: Is there a fee to service my Radflo products?

Yes, typically the general range for service tuneup and maintenece can range from $85+ depending on the type of shock and post inspection and any additional parts required to service your application. We will be in contact with you immediately post shipment of your shocks to our service center. Please ensure Radflo has current contact information posted online and or on your service order. Our service technicians will be in touch should there be any additional special requirements or updates regarding your Radflo products.

Q: Instructions for installation?

We have some installation instructions under the “Service/Support” menu found at the top of the page. If there are any challenges or inquiries with installation please contact us directly for additional information. info@radflo.com

Q: How does shipping work?

UPS is our primary provider. Upon placing your order with Radflo direct, they items will be shipped form here shipping is paid by the consumer. Consumers will be responsible for paying for shipping should there be any merchandise issues. Please contact us regarding any special order requests related to shipping and delivery.

Q: How do I place an order?

We provide multiple avenues to purchase our product. We highly recommend that you contact your nearest Certified Radflo Dealer in our Sales Support section. In the event you cannot find a local dealer, you may purchase here on the Radflo website by selecting your desired suspension products and of course you can Contact Us directly with any questions or specific needs. 714-965-7828 Email at info@radflo.com.

Q: How do I pay with a credit card? How do I wire transfer funds? I would like to change my credit card information what do I do?

Please click attached link to download file, print, complete, and email/scan direct to Radflo. You can email direct with an attachment to info@radflo.com or fax us at 714-965-7829.
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  • Q: Defective or Missing Items

    If you receive a defective item, the wrong item or the wrong quantity, please contact us immediately. All claims must be made within 5 days of receipt.