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If you are interested in donation, sponsorship or contingency support from Radflo Suspension Technology, please review the information below carefully. Due to the high volume of requests that we receive for support of this nature, we can only approve a limited number per year. In order to be considered, we must insist that you submit your request according to the requirements on this page.

General Requirements for Radflo Support
  • Event must be relevant to Radflo brand and audience
  • Radflo products and brand must receive significant exposure
  • Event must be socially and environmentally responsible
  • All requests must be submitted in writing
  • Request must be received by Radflo at least 2 months in advance

Club Event Support
Local club events are eligible to request Radflo promotional items, such as decals or brochures.

Regional Association Support
Major regional association events are eligible to request Radflo promotional items, gift certificates or banners.

Fund Raising and Charitable Support
California non-profit, industry-related organizations are eligible to request Radflo gift certificates or products.

Automotive Industry Support
Vehicles or events sponsored by Original Equipment Manufacturers, industry-related companies and high-exposure vehicles for show, publicity or events are eligible to request Radflo products.

Individual and Team Sponsorship Support
Due to the immense quantity of requests we receive for individual and team sponsorship, Radflo cannot promise financial or product support to requests of this nature. Contingency sponsorship requests are considered on a case-by-case basis after an interview with our Sponsorship Committee Director.

Media Support
Qualified media professionals are eligible to request Radflo products and technical support. Consideration is based primarily on level of media exposure and target audience. Radflo will verify all media requests before providing support and, on occasion, may ask for product to be returned upon completion of review. Freelance journalists must submit a letter of intent from a qualifying media outlet. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for product delivery.

PDF Sponsorship Request Form (PDF, 44K)

If you are eligible based on the requirements above, please complete our Sponsorship Request Form and submit to:

Radflo Suspension Technology
Attn: Sponsorship Committee
11233 Condor Ave
Fountain Valley, CA 92708 USA

Thank you for your cooperation and interest in Radflo products.